Phase 2: Strength


Once you have completed Phase 1 you’ll have built a solid foundation; your lifting form and movement mechanics will be great.  Now it is time for our strength phase.  You will get stronger.



Phase 2 Emphasis

  • Increase Lower Body Strength
  • Create Core and Shoulder Stability
  • Learn Good Jumping and Landing Form
  • Develop Better Volleyball Like Movements
  • Become More Conditioned

This program includes a month of scheduled training for 3 times per week. Each workout consists of: warmups, plyometrics, agility work, strength training, conditioning and more.   It contains a printable and downloadable workout card as well as access to instructional videos, step by step instructions, and coaching tips for each exercise.  Some of the exercises do require access to gym equipment.

Below are some examples of the exercises you will be performing in this phase.